The Playboy Townhouse


‘As we turn our high-performance gran turismo coupe into the driveway, we point out to our comely companion the Playboy Town House’s striking exterior.




Playboy Townhouse_Section







Playboy Townhouse_4

‘An Ultra-urban island of individuality in a sea of look-alike multiple dwellings.’




Playboy Townhouse_3

‘A modishly swinging manor for the modern man.’




Playboy Townhouse_2‘We’ve poured a brandy nightcap from the bar concealed in the rotating headboard, propped up our pillow and push-buttoned several hours of balladry to add the proper final notes.’




Playboy Townhouse_detail_2



The Playboy Townhouse

Modern Living:Posh Plans For Exciting Urban Living 

In May 1962 Playboy magazine ran an article titled “The Playboy Town House: Posh Plans for Exciting Urban Living”. The fictional bachelor pad, designed by architect R. Donald Jaye, is here brought to life by Humen Ten’s gouache and ink renderings.

The article dwells deeply into the requisites and narrative of the Town House describing it as a ‘swinging manor for the modern man.’ The urban home was to offer ‘the expansive, nonconforming elbowroom, legroom and luxurious living room usually identified with an exurban retreat, and have the relatively carefree conveniences that an on-the-go bachelor could maintain with a minimum number of servants beating about the preserve.’


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