Colours of an Absurd Utopia



































Colours of an Absurd Utopia


Jongwon NA


Na’s drawings seek to both show the rough surfaces of his project whilst attempting to describe the inexistence of an American Utopia, a central thematic of his project.

Intermediate’s 1 fascination lies with the temporality of architecture and the residues of failed utopias where the students are charged with designing a real, surreal or entirely speculative architectural intervention that is a temporal occupation amidst these remains. Through his work NA has decided to embrace Guy de Maupassant’s theory of avoiding a specific ‘image’ by refuging into it. His drawings are thus focused around the migration of the entire town of Liberty into the massive building of the Grossinger’s resort, in order for the inhabitants to visually escape the derelict scenario, which surrounds them.

The drawings depict the projects most great and absurd moments at the same time as conveying a feeling of abstractness and or surreal-ness. He is particularly drawn to post-modernist drawings as those of Sterling and Hejduk’s as well as early OMA’s.  When asked about colour he reveals that it’s his way of escaping the ‘dryness’ some architectural drawings have. However it is also the tool he adopts to express the abstractness of his project – the absurd utopia.

Jongwon Na is currently enrolled in his third year at the AA School of Architecture in London.


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