A City of Extraneous Narratives








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A City of Extraneous Narratives


Anny Stephanou


The project exists within three realms, a book, a table and a screen. It is composed of isolated spaces and their associated fictions, existing both independently within the book and collectively on the table and screen.

The rationality of the axonometric projection allows for the partial superimposition of framed spaces regardless of their scale, which is where colour comes into play allowing for spatial connections with each overlap. The axonometric as a given is appropriated with the introduction of orthographic and perspective in the realm of the screen, so that it becomes the device with which the project is executed to a certain extent.

The construction of this city is one space at a time, much like we experience architecture where what is peripheral in one moment becomes central another suggesting their simultaneity.


Anny is currently enrolled in her fourth year at the AA in Diploma Unit 9. She has previously worked at 3DReid Architecture.







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