A Garden for Fantasy




















A Garden for Fantasy 

Shaan Patel

The imagery is crafted with the intent of using the Images as diagrams rather than simple perspectival views. The images try to convey the absurdity of the project through the disproportion of the plants which have been manipulated in size shape and colour.

A constant distinction between the garden as this fantastical and colourful place and the city as being dull, grey and completely rational is highlighted. The use of either elevational or perspectival views is the means used to maintain this perception that the garden as this long set of experiences that cant be seen all together. However like within any road, the most powerful moments of its architecture are perceived when viewed from the centre as a series of perfectly symmetrical frames.

Shaan Patel attended the School of Interior Design at CEPT University for two years before enrolling at the Architectural Association where he is currently in his Second Year in Intermediate 13.


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