Ikebana Architecture

















Ikebana Architecture


Junya Ishigami

“to integrate architecture and landscape in a novel way”

“The formula architecture + landscape generally makes people think of a building which is located within specific surroundings. I have deliberately decided that I wish to treat both as equally important”

“The way the plants were selected and arranged within was based on the art of ikebana, in which decorative character is only a side effect: ikebana creates harmony by means of linear structure. The three lines of shin, soe and tai (heaven, earth, humanity) and the integration of rhythm and colour bring nature into human living space and within this context represent the relationship of the designer to nature and to his feelings.”

Images from http://www.thefoxisblack.com/2013/03/05/flowering-floorplans-by-junya-ishigami/
Texts from http://www.architonic.com/ntsht/picnic-plants-architecture-the-fascinating-world-of-junya-ishigami/7000521

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