Dear London

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Dear London


Vere Van Gool


What significance does color hold?

Colour guides abstraction, in that sense its ridiculously important as a weapon to architectural drawings and politicising drawn ideas. I actually never got why we draw space in black and white when in reality it’s not.

How has the classic map influenced your technique in representation?

The classic map of a city differs enormously from the map of a city we have in our heads, a single street can feel like a quick route home to you whilst I can experience it as an endless journey. This chasm between personal memories and common navigation influenced my work.

You use all of the geometric means of representation, do you trust they are all equally important?

Telling a story is important, format comes second, but (geometric) representation can be used to highlight ideas and in that sense a video is as equal as a simple dot.

Who inspires you graphically?

Gilbert and George, James Corner and Alex Prager.

How does your palette and texture reflect the atmospheric quality of the spaces you portray and your argument?

Architecture has a lot to do about time and I try to choose my palette and materials to enforce a distance between what you think is now, and what I see as now.

Dear London is a set of trials and errors in the city addressing soil and sovereignty. Proposing the new Dutch Embassy as a diplomatic line cut into the soil of Nine Elms by addressing land as commodity, diplomacy as a corporate development strategy and usability as a means to value the city. Questions, blur and doubt presented to politicians, architects, developers and diplomats reworked into a spatial proposal without building a single wall. Dear London is a project about about entitlement and identity in the city for as little and as much we are all part of the city.


Vere Van Gool has currently graduated from the Architectural Association 5 year course.


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