The Cathedral of Acxiom

01 baptism




02 confirmation




03 penance




04 unction




05 ordination




06 matrimony




07 eucharist




10 roof garden floor plan




08 site plan




09 narthex floor plan






The Cathedral of Acxiom


Wesley Kum Ho Soo

What significance does colour hold for you?

Along with light, composition and materiality, colour is one of the fine weapons of the Architect. Within the seven illustrations, colour has played a formidable role in underlying the orchestrated emotions for each sacrament providing the positioning of the audience within space and narrative.

To what extent does the texture and colour palette used help in conveying the atmosphere of your religious sacraments?

‘The Cathedral of Acxiom’ seizes the opportunity to speculate the implications of a Counter-Reformation in the 21st Century. Utilizing the sacred spaces of sacraments, the texture and colour palettes demonstrate the ultimate heightening of the senses in reference to the Baroque. As the ceiling paintings of Sant’ Ignazio Church and altarpiece of Stift Melk once unleashed the spectacles of Catholicism, the visual stimuli intended to entice users into an ecclesial space that provided synchronicity between the familiar cues of the liturgy and the fascinating interpretations of the present.

Who inspires you graphically?

Within the past 10-months, my inspirations have drifted between the biblical paintings of Johannes Hopffe, the ornate compositions of Alphonse Mucha, to the rhythmic movements and interfaces of the graphics by G-Munk.

You only use the plan as a geometric means of representation, why so?

As one whom has been through five-years at the Architectural Association knows, orthographic projections of space are a specific form and unreal version of reality. True perception lies within one-point and two point perspectives. Hence, the plans have been intentionally illustrated in a manner to reflect the fine natures of the spaces, allowing the perspectives to evoke the emotive qualities of light and the elevation of soul.

Project description

“Within the modern society, Mankind’s pursuits for salvation have been long surpassed by the drivers of materialistic endeavours of the capitalist market.  In an age of  ‘More Tech Less Privacy’,  digital and virtual addictions have become increasingly prevelant in a society of instant gratification and self obsessisiveness. The virtual-self has undoubtedly become more prominent and existential than the physical-self.

In an age of Big Data, records have become increasingly critical, where the understanding of people becomes the processing of binary. By examining the dichotomy between the age old data registers within the Vatican Secret Archives to the contemporary Database Marketing Servers, the following thesis exposes the hidden mechanisms behind the sacred and corporate space, encapsulating and exploiting the identities and behavioural datas of our lifelong expectancies.

Through the unholy matrimony of the religious in the Catholic Church and the corporate of the Acxiom, The Cathedral of Acxiom speculates and hybridizes the core beliefs of both parties in the consequence of architectural space and liturgical operations. A vertical narrative of sacraments elevates the soul to a closer altitude to god, relieving worshippers the burdens of endless contaminations of modern capitalist projections.”


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