Productive Garden: An Endless Path for the Five Senses








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Productive Garden: An Endless Path for the Five Senses

Young Eun Choi, Juliane Myking Eide, Mercè Lorente Gras, David Kennedy, Niklas Lenander and Pedro Sjøblom Tavares.

Project Description: Productive Garden – A Space for Enjoying Hokkaido with All Five Senses”.The AHO team’s project puts forward a vision of what the future landscape of Memu Meadows, a centre for research on environmental technologies, should look like. The project proposes a path structure for passage and relaxation that appeals to all senses and all seasons. Different points along the path awake different senses, gathering sceneries, textures, melodies, smells and tastes, all harmoniously fading in and out along ones journey through the site.

To what extent does texture help in conveying ‘Productive Garden’: a space, which touches all five senses?

The project is a proposition for both a path and a landscape. The use of texture is very important for us as we look to make impressions as if all was made of the same matter. By a careful use of texture we can blur the distinction between the elements of path and landscape to make a whole, a project where everything has the same value. The use of texture adds a further sensuous quality to the impressions, as if we could reach out to touch the silvery sky or a weathered board.

How do you manipulate each image to portray the awakening of a different sense?

Each image begins with the desire to create a particular atmosphere that we see in our minds eye. Through a process of collage we can suggest at the many different elements that together may awaken our perception of the different senses. We pay particular attention to the materiality, texture, sound, temperature, sound, light and shadow in the layering of our images to create the atmosphere that we imagined initially.

Your images all portray a great sense of calmness, how does this help in building up the idea of a center for research for environmental technologies?

We often thought of the calmness, stillness and observation required in a research centre to catch that glimpse of the inexplicable, the as of yet undiscovered. Similarly, in the images there is a calmness or emptiness that forces a concentration on what is left to see.

Who inspires you graphically?

In Scandinavia we have a strong history of landscape painters and we are particularly impressed by the work of J.C. Dahl who taught us of the powerful capacity of the sky in creating atmospheres. We are also inspired by the work of the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi, who although better known for his interiors, captures a certain endlessness in his landscapes that we also strive for in our impressions.


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