Graphite:Drawing a Phenomenological Approach




Keybridge House as an Activated Space










oliver.chiu-Plan Bath House




Fragment     Charcoal and Pencil



Graphite:Drawing a Phenomenological Approach

Oliver Chiu 

‘The tactile nature of hand drawing elicits a bodily sensibility of both mental concentration and the ability to look.’

Oliver Chiu’s work shows how he perceives architecture not only as an art form but, a form of communication which demands a higher spectrum than aesthetic delight but reaches out for a phenomenological approach. The physicality of graphite on the surface of paper allows him as an individual to express his personal architectural language and thus allows the architecture produced to become a highly spatial experience.

Oliver is an architect who believes in the fundamentals of life to be integrated with the process of architectural design and the way in which it should be used. This stems from his other love affair with music and the tectonics of the piano’s mechanisms which eloquently brings to life a 2 dimensional surface into the realm of a 3 dimensional space. For the sake of architecture’s purity he looks upon Japan’s approach by this; how architecture can be harmoniously integrated within the canvas of nature. Oliver has currently completed his RIBA Part I and will go on to work for a small housing firm called Deverill-Jenkins.  After his diploma at the Architectural association he plans ton going to Japan to further enhance his understanding of architecture as an art form and one which can heighten the ubiquity of everyday life.


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