Tamponville_Constructing Through Stamps








‘In collaboration with architect Marc Kauffmann, Tamponville was created during my residency at the printing workshop Nicol Creme, under the residence program for illustrators and authors devised by the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône and with the support of the bookstore L’Histoire de l’oeil. This work is available in screen printing and stamps, and concluded with an installation at Studio Fotokino.
The cardboard buildings have been screen printed during the opening and with the graphic participation of Renaud Perrin and Laurence Lagier. ‘

– Aurelien Debat






Tampoville 8




Tampoville 4




Tampoville 3




Tampoville 1




Tampoville 5




Tamponville_Constructing Through Stamps 


Aurelien Debat and Marc Kauffmann




Tamponville is an imaginary city which was born out of the collaboration between the ingenious French illustrator Aurélien Débat and the architect Marc Kauffmann. The forty-seven buildings of Tamponville have been created by means of a stamp kit (tampons in French), which they define as an ‘Abacus of forms, architectural and textural elements.’ Through the printing of this alphabet on card it is possible to establish an infinite variety of surreal buildings giving birth as such to the ideal city of any typography or illustration lover.

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The Imaginary City of Tamponville (Aurélien Debat and Marc Kauffmann)


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