An Architectural Allegory






























An Architectural Allegory


Ifigeneia Liangi





The project tells the allegorical story of a primary school—a model for a future Greek nation. Its narrative proposes an organized microcosm, stating that the Greek crisis is not economic, but rather, a social and political phenomenon rooted in the recent history of the country. The building is located in a devastated area of central Athens, in the neighborhood of Kipseli. Its program combines lecture spaces for the area’s primary school students—mostly immigrants—with student halls for university students—mostly locals. The university students will deliver teaching support in the afternoon. This event promotes more interaction between locals and immigrants, allowing for better future integration of the Greek society.

The project weaves an argument for an imaginative, yet critical approach to the production of spaces with political significance and impact during historical periods of crisis.


Ifigeneia graduated from the Bartlett (UCL) in 2012 (Master of Architecture) achieving a distinction and winning the Sir Banister Fletcher’s medal for highest results. Her interests lie in architecture, storytelling and film. In her diploma project, ‘Nostalgia of the future, Athens 2013’, she used the style of magical realism, the idea of possible but improbable realities, as a method of poetic sociopolitical criticism in uncertain times. The project got shortlisted for the RIBA President’s Silver medal.

Ifigeneia joined Nissen Richards Studio in 2013 is currently working on an exhibition for the Imperial War Museum North, which is part of the centenary memorial of the First World War.

She previously had an internship with Klab architects (2009), where she got experience in research and residential projects in Athens. In 2012 she worked for AHMM, where she was involved in master planning, art competitions and Quadrant 4, a residential project in central London.

In 2012, Ifigeneia lead a workshop as an external design consultant at the Bartlett for second and third year students and is currently preparing a workshop for the coming academic year. She is also working on an illustrated collection of short stories which she hopes to animate in the future.

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