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Drawing Empty space

Guilhem Vilches




The project is based around a gym with swimming pool and emergency housing for poor people. Guilhems’ principal interest focuses on how people see architecture and the feelings it provokes especially when working with empty space and life in the empty space. The rich use of textures, shadows and light help in establishing his sensitivity to the spaces.


Who influences you graphically?

My drawings vary from hand drawings to digital drawings. All of the drawings develop from an early sketch, where the sketch gives immediacy and the digital drawing provides for accuracy. My skills have been particularly influenced Mies van der Rohes’ initial drawings, as well as Wrights’ perspective views, Smithsons’ axonometrics, Carlo Scarpas’ colourful sketches and finally Supertsudios’ photomontages.

You mention working with empty spaces, how does the use of the axonometric and plan help or limit in establishing this freedom between the individual and the architecture?

The axonometric view helps to have a general vision of the whole project. For me, architecture is not only a space or a thing, architecture is an aggregation of spaces. The axonometric view allows to see all spaces. My drawings and my architecture try to explain how life is between the buildings, how life is in the public and how we look the empty space.

You have a very sophisticated and light palette which is juxtaposed to a strong use of black and white. What does colour represent for you? White and black are as light and shadow. Always we seek for light but what happen if we seek the shade? or the dark?

I try to use colors that convey the feel of the place depending on the project but always working with the contrast that can offer the use of black and white. As I said I want my drawings convey how I understand the place or architecture. The architecture is not for one, architecture is for everyone and my drawings are my opinion of how the space should be.


 Guilhem Vilches is  living and completing his architecture studies in Barcelona.

Instagram:  @gvilches


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