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Houses of Architecture



Who influences you graphically?

We are constantly searching for new inspiration. It is an ongoing quest and the idea is that we never settle to a favorite.
We like classical art, graphic design, web design, new media, collages, crazy AutoCAD drawings and even very good renders.
Some random names … Constant Nieuwenhuys, HORT, Madelon Vriesendorp, Sol Lewitt, Ray Johnson, John Baldessari

What dictates your graphic approach to each project?

The idea of the project.
Each graphic move we make is only meant to stress the point we want to make.

What role does texture play in terms of a backdrop to the drawings themselves?

Sometimes we use it, sometimes we don’t .. It is when we feel we want to be more expressive that we use it … I think ..
It is a love and hate thing.

What tools do you work with?

The usual ones .. pen, paper, cutter, Adobe pack

You use all means of representation to explain a project, do you trust that only in this way is it possible to fully convey your proposal?

It is a key thing to communicate your idea to your viewer, friend, client, partner … most of the times graphics are a good means of communication .. (direct, quick, “less room for lies” as Le Corbusier would put it .. and however you wish to interpret it)
so in that sense, we are doing anything that has to be done to get the message across.
However, as with everything .. overdoing or over explaining something has a reverse effect .. In that sense we are careful with what we show and we try not to repeat ourselves too much.


UNULAUNU (one to one ,-en) is Romina Grillo, Ciprian Rasoiu, Liviu Vasiu, Matei Vlasceanu and Tudor Vlasceanu. We first joined forces in 2010 driven by a simple wish of doing architecture and later we found enough commune and also conflictual points to convince that we should work together. Besides own projects we enriched our experience working in offices like: OMA / Rem Koolhaas-Rotterdam / Hong Kong, Christian Kerez- Zürich and Valerio Olgiati-Chur, living and collaborating with offices from Paris, Dubai, Zürich, Oslo, Berlin, Bruxelles and Stuttgart. Our first project was the competition and building of the national pavilion of Romania at the Biennale di Architettura of Venice 2010. The success at the prestigious exhibition and the fruitful collaboration gave us the opportunity to start an office.

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