Architecture For A Better Place

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Architecture For A Better Place 

Liron Kadi


Who influences you graphically?

My perspective is to create a world where imagination and reality meet each other, and by that create a whole new world. I can surely say that one of the main influences is Archigram. I initially ran into their drawings during my first year at school, I was intrigued by their innovative way of thinking, so much that it still influences people today. I love the graphic by which they describe a world that combines real life, real people and an imaginary environment.  I think that when an image allows for multiple interpretations it also allows for endless imagination, and that is one of the main goals I want to achieve through my work.

How is an image (photomontage) constructed in terms of work flow, tools used?

My work process starts with a  few sketches I have in mind, I then use Sketch-up to build my project and though this tool I can choose the best sections that exemplifies the project idea and the best perspective I can use for rendering. From that I transfer the chosen sections and renderings into photoshp cs6, and then I start to focus on the small details. Its important for me to give a feeling of depth in my work and a variation of scenes in one image, to achieve that I work with many layers, I implant different materials and textures I find and like, which illustrate the spirit i’m trying to reach. I manipulate light and shadow and in the end I implant figures of people, trees and street furniture to indicates the proportions of the place.

How are the feelings of freedom and limitless achieved through the images?

The theme of the project is an underground place for people to express themselves. I used dark colours and rough textures to simulate a dark place and broke it with different colours. Light and shadow were used to intensify the sense of being underground. The darkness that characterizes this work contributes to a less exposed feeling that people might feel, and therefore to be free to express themselves, without any limitations and boundaries.

You mainly explore your proposal three dimensionally, why so?

It is important for me to attract people and to draw attention to my work , and by that to I aim to let loose the imagination of people. Imagination can be triggered much easier with the use of three dimensionall images. By creating one section you can illustrates the main idea of the project,but still leave place for the use of imagination and a personal interpretation. I always use a Sketch up model to explore the proper relations between the spaces in the building, and then I edit it into a three dimensionall image.  During the editing process i often discover new things and new ideas and have new ideas popping up, which make it difficult to finsh the work on time.

What is the effect of a collaged image for you?

The use of a collage image creates a new imaginary universe by combining different images from different worlds. I think that through the use of collaged image it’s easier to create a more personal and unique world, by taking small pieces from other worlds and making it your own. The more personal and special your work is the more others will connect and identify with it.


Liron is an architecture student currently pursuing her 5th and final year finish of his B.arch degree at the Ariel University in Israel. She is interested by the realm of preservation of architecture and is eager to understand the dialogue between ‘old’ and ‘new’ architecture, and how it reacts to our modern life. She wishes to create architecture that makes our enviornment a better place to be at.


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