Drawing Authentically

MUTI_Thomas Cook - Waterparks
MUTI_Monocle #67

MUTI_The World is Flat3MUTI_Monocle #78 - Oslo Feature MUTI_Monocle #78 - Oslo Feature2  MUTI_The World is Flat4 MUTI_The World is Flat1 MUTI_ELLE - Shopping Malls of the Future MUTI_ELLE - Shopping Malls of the Future2 MUTI_Highlife SA - The Adventure Issue MUTI_Cape of Good Hope

Drawing Authentically 

Studio Muti


Who inspires you graphically?  

Everything around us and things we can only imagine.

What dictates how you chose to represent architecture within your drawings, from 3d to 2d?

There isn’t a strict formulae we adhere to. Influencing factors would be the level of detail we are working with, how realistic or abstract we want the final illustration to be and creating enough interest for the viewer. We usually work in 2D, but certain briefs call for a 3D approach. This would be more of a request from the client.

What influences your colour palette? (terms of association of  a country to its environmental properties?-colour)

The feeling of a place, the atmosphere you are trying to portray as well as the climate influence colour choices.

To what extent do you negotiate the graphic quality of an image with the various newspapers? 

Our clients handle the printing of the illustrations so we don’t have control over that side of the job.

Most of your images have strong texture , what does this kind of quality add or bring to the image? 

It brings an authentic, organic, human quality to a sometimes clinical and flat computer generated artwork


MUTI is a creative studio founded in 2011, based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. We work on a broad range of projects from digital painting to vector icons and custom typography.



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