Re-defining The Architectural Element

Diego Rivero Borrell : Santiago Arroyo : Pedro Cabrero : Oswaldo ZuritaANTNA_ax03 Diego Rivero Borrell : Santiago Arroyo : Pedro Cabrero : Oswaldo ZuritaANTNA_ax04 Diego Rivero Borrell : Santiago Arroyo : Pedro Cabrero : Oswaldo ZuritaANTNA_ax02 Diego Rivero Borrell : Santiago Arroyo : Pedro Cabrero : Oswaldo ZuritaANTNA_ax10

Re-defining The Architectural Element

ANTNA & Ecotono Urban: Diego Rivero Borrell_Santiago Arroyo_Pedro Cabrero_Oswaldo Zurita


Who influences you graphically?

We had found some of the best graphic representation in architecture blogs made by many anonymous creators. As a park proposal, our graphical method was focused on giving life to the drawings and to construct cinematographic scenes. The hard task was to achieve them by using the common drawing languages such as the plan, the axonometric, the collage, colors, and textures.

What is the motif and effect of the use of blue for the drawings?

This project won in June 2015 the first prize on a national competition. The use of blue ink was part of a whole experimentation of architectural language for this project, interested on reaching the jury’s conversation. By stretching the concept of the architectural project, the representation needs to stretch as well so the whole experiment becomes coherent. During the design process that specific blue color gave us the closest feeling that the project in its personality wanted to transmit. At the end, giving a clear statement worked.

The project is entitled as the park as a generator of unity, what does unity mean for you?

This particular unity could be reflected on the naturally organized, and creative use of different common spaces shared by 260 people.

How and why is this unity only central to the buildings that surround it and forms no connection to the street? Could the park not also act as a unifying tool for the public realm of the road? 

Throughout the 30 years of life of this social housing unit, the insecurity has driven the community to take the public space as their own. We believe that by strengthen the community cohesiveness in the public space can detonate new ways of regulating the use of their appropriated space so they can share it back with the rest of the neighborhood.

You mainly explore your proposal through classic means of representation, to what extent might a greater selection of perspective views help in conveying a sense of unity between the structure and the people using the park?  

The ambiguity of this project looks for a non-defined spaces made out of basic architectural elements such as the stairway, the column, the roof, the platform, the circle, the passageway, that can be re-shaped and re-defined as a market, a bicycle track, a reading space, a theatre, a dancing floor, a dining area, a gym.


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