Re-Enacting through Time and Movement

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Re-Enacting through Time and Movement

Carmine Errico 

Eppur Si Muove

“Eppur si muove”, is a research about animation of architectural drawings. The research explores the possibility to revitalize the drawings through GIF animation inlcuding time and movement. Through isolated movement of part of image I try to give form to my interpretation of it and focus the attention on some concepts. As if in these pictures, there was a frozen movement that can be revitalized through animation.


Why did you choose to explore movement through Superstudio’s drawings?

This work is part of a personal research that I am conducting about animation of architectural drawings. I’m working on the possibility of including time and movement in some drawings through GIF animations. Research has begun with these Superstudio’s drawings that helped me a lot to define the research structure. I think in their drawings there is always some element that is moving, then I tried to give them movement.

What is the purpose and effect of animating a drawing?
I think these animations, through the fusion of static and dynamic elements, are able to focus attention.The animated picture can be more immediate through the movement of some parts of it and can be used as an tool for comprehension of the project and of the idea which is behind each picture. As if in those images were frozen a movement which can be revitalized nowaday through the animation.

What would be the outcome of deconstructing the architecture through animation to create your interpretation of the image?

Through the deconstruction of the image I try to understand the idea behind it. The animation, after the reading of the project, helps me to give shape to my interpretation of it. I try to be as non-invasive as possible so that the result is very similar to the original image and it can be recognized by the observers. When animation is turned-off, the deconstruction isn’t achieved and probably that’s the most interesting part.

You animate images singularly but to what extent could animation be a means to juxtapose a variety of images from both superstudio and other sources?

Putting together different animated images could be the next phase of the research. In the first part, the images should work alone and then can be relate to each others. Putting together several images with different authors is definitely a more complex work and may become confusing if not well controlled. I think that animation could be a means to juxtapose a variety of images from different authors in order to highlight the similarities and differences. Thank you for the suggestion.


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