Drawing Something Beyond Reality

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Simmetri,city - Milano_Daniele Zerbi




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Drawing Something Beyond Reality 

Fuzz Atelier_Daniele Zerbi



Who influences you graphically?

I am mainly influenced by those artists who have contributed to shift the paradigm of figurative language, the avant-garde of the early twentieth century like the Bauhaus de Stijl and Russian Constructivism. I am interested by their graphical representation of the complex society stricly changed by industrial revolution. Another important figure is Franco Purini  who, through his drawings, gave an outstanding contribution to the architectural composition. In addition to the above mentioned, that are part of other generations, I am very interested by the contemporary digital movement, my research focuses around the blending of representation and  vision, digital and analog definition.

What is the effect and purpose of using collage as a means to juxtapose Koolhaas and Canaletto? Is there a specific reason behind the choice of images, which are being contrasted, or is it for speculative purposes?

The idea of putting together Canalatteo and Rem Koolhaas stems from the curiosity to see together two different views of the city. I chose Koolhaas as a representative of the new era, while Canaletto’s paintings represent what was the spirit of the ancient city.

What is the meaning behind symmetrical cities?

Symmetry,City does not have a precise meaning, it is an experiment about the image of the city. I wanted to try to restore symmetry inside an urban complex tissue as Milano. I think the result is surprising, the image reveals very interesting geometrical figures,I think that these experiments could contribute to a greater understanding of the urban tissue.

To what extent is your choice of bright colours inherent to the atmosphere and meaning the images try to convey?

The Choice of using psychedelic colors in the series “Landscape of Nowhere” wants to highlight the dreamlike landscapes of memory. The color expresses a distorted reality, whilst it can also express an atmosphere different from that expressed by a simple photograph. The aim is to describe the feeling of a landscape. The result is estranging in a sense, the eye suffers a short-circuit given by the superposition of images on architectural figures that give a sense of disorientation.

You represent and explore architecture through a variety of means as digital collage, analog photography, hand drawings and digital visualization, to what extent and how does each mean allow you to approach what is being portrayed in a diverse way?

I’m obsessed by the dichotomy of reality / representation, I am constantly looking for methods of representation which are able to go beyond the simple description of reality. I founded together with Simone Mazzoli, Beniamino Petroselli and Massimiliano Savino the Fuzz Atelier, as well as being an architectural practice it is also a laboratory for experimentation on the languages of representations. For us, being architects means expressing and representing realities in different ways.


Daniele Zerbi is an Italian architect, based in Milan. He is co-founder of FUZZ atelier, a laboratory that deals with the research and experimentation with contemporary representation. In 2010 he meets Lorenzo Degli Esposti , with whom he undertook a constant collaboration of different fields of architectural research , under his leadership , Daniele has worked on various projects in the research group AUFO ( Architectural & Urban Forum ) , also working in his architectural practice ( Degli Esposti Architetti ).  Daniele studied at the Politecnico di Milano, graduated in 2012, he began working as a freelancer architect and still collaborating with Lorenzo Degli Esposti as senior assistant for the courses of architectural composition of the Politecnico di Milano and the University of Genova, as deputy director of the academic cluster DEEP-cities, and as a member of the curatorial staff for the “Padiglione Architettura” in EXPO 2015 Belle Arti. In 2014 Daniele has been selected as author of the gallery of architectural drawings Tulpenmanie he participated in the collective exhibition 02 | 06 ( 70.45.20 ) with some of the best Italian architects as Franco Purini, Andrea Branzi and Ugo La Pietra.

In 2015 he founded FUZZ atelier with Beniamino Petroselli , Simone Mazzoli and Massimiliano Savino , currently the experiments involve different artistic disciplines such as photography, drawing , music , video and digital processing.






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