Drawing a Lasting Impression


BeyondTheWall_Jack Huang_1
Beyond The Wall
BeyondTheWall_Jack Huang_3
Beyond The Wall


Turm_Jack Huang_1
Turm_Jack Huang_2
Turm_Jack Huang_3


Linear and Point Depression_Jack huang_2
Linear and Point Depression



Bauhaus Museum_Jack Huang_2
In Collaboration with Fala Atelier



Made in Karlsplatz_Jack Huang_1
Made in Karsplatz
Made in Karlsplatz_Jack Huang_2
Made in Karsplatz


Drawing a Lasting Impression


Jack Huang



Who influenced you graphically?

Lately, it has been the following: Todd Hido, Hanna Starkey, Thomas Struth, John Register,      Vilhelm Hammershøi, and Grigory Soraka.

The artists that influence me, vary greatly from project to project, time to time. Just a few of them continuously stick around. I am searching for images that evoke a certain emotion that I can feel or relate to. A single dull moment that we all take for granted. A dull moment when looked closely at, hides a certain beauty inside it. These kinds of images inspire me.


What role does colour play within your images?

They are the images’ soul, but that’s debatable.

Within the project ‘Linear and Point Depression’ you seem to adopt a hackney-like technique. What is the purpose and effect of this?

The project was heavily influenced by the works of Franz Erhard Walther. It was the play of an architectural intervention that remained incomplete without the presence of the participants. The intervention, though subtle, restricts movements. The physical and mental connections to others become the focal point and the experience of the individual is guided by these given parameters. The people drawn by Hockney hold these qualities as participants, but at the same time, remain sculptural.


What is the effect and relevance of introducing figures taken from paintings which are set in different epochs?

Context and concept. For example, the Karlsplatz project, the images from William-Adolphe Bouguereau and John William Waterhouse are used. The concept was to bring a greenhouse into an urban context in front of the Baroque Karlskirche. A greenhouse runs in it’s own time, different from the world outside. These people are frozen within this glass box.

To what extent does the juxtaposition of proposal vs painting help you in expression the atmosphere of a specific project?

They are the same to me. A painting evokes a strong atmosphere and emotion that exists when we look at them, but at the same time, these qualities continue to grow even further within our minds when we try to recall it. It has a lasting impression that becomes even greater than what it is. This in itself is a perfect proposal.




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