The Medium: An Extension of Human Senses







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The Medium: An Extension of Human Senses

David Del Valls 

Who influences you graphically?

This is a good and a difficult question too.  I’m not influenced by a specific Architect or one thing. My influences stem from a mixture of realms such as: architecture to cinema, cartography to art, and other fields which are not necessarily intertwined, finally materialized as a language or code.

On the other hand thinking back to my references I can find behind all of my work the essence of a large number of fantastic architects and imaginary worlds, as the great John Hedjuk and his architectural structures embodying a character.

Ettore Sottsass and his contributions in design, Archizoom and Superstudio leading a magnificent world of architectural assumptions and dreams.

You explore your project through different means of representation, to what extent do you trust that the medium is the message?

Every project and every story has a particular dialect materialised as its own language, in order to achieve their narrative potential. Is not easy to find a way to develop this means of representation but once you found it, it must be squeezed to get the maximum potential.

I trust as well as McLuhan says that “the medium is the message”. The medium is an extension of the human sense and has a significant role in the way we understand and we focus on the content.  For all of that the way you express an idea or a project is so important as the project itself, medium and message works as a couple.

How is the axonometric both limiting and liberating in explaining a project?

In my personal opinion the axonometric liberates the way you can explain your project. It brings to us unique insight into drawing in 3D. It is a nice form of drawing to illustrate the whole building . For me it’s the perfect balance between plan and section because it is very analytical.

What is the purpose and effect of a monochromatic palette

I made this collection of works, mainly in beautiful black and white to lend a timeless feel and to see things really stripped back to their essence.

Like Alexander Payne says “…to show the skeleton of the things and the history “

I’ve always wanted to make a black and white project during my architecture school days but maybe I wasn’t prepared for this.


David del Valls is a Spanish born Architectural Designer based out of Shanghai who combines life the realm of architecture and of the creative. He graduated at the High Technical School of Architecture of Las Palmas where  he developed a broad and multi-faceted design approach. Today his work ranges from architecture to fine art, installation and graphic design.

He embarked on an Erasmus program fellowship for graduate studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Lyon and later moved to Santiago de Chile in order to continue the studies under the US-Latin America program. He completed his Architectural Master studies with final thesis project whose name, “Landscape hydrothermal center: Re-Learning Geographical atmospheres” is selected for the annual public exhibition.

His work has been exhibited in curated collections and many times published in different Architectural reviews as Archdaily, Afasia Archzine, Beta Architecture, SuperArchitect, Arquitectura y Empresa etc…


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