The Imge As The Repercussion Of One Solid Idea

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The Imge As The Repercussion Of One Solid Idea

Rodrigo de la Torre & Montserrat Bucio


The images/posters explore a new resilient and integrated project of a housing development in the pier 16 in NY.




Who influences you graphically?

We believe that at this precise moment is our career, graphic influences come in a random and constant way, such as: Our Teachers at that time, Websites and even situations of daily life.

This Project one of our biggest influences was our teacher Dante Borgo and the necessity of changing the representation from something realistic to a conceptual one, reaching the collage as a result.

Why the choice of Hockney?

David Hockney was one of the artists who was introduced to us by our professor, and we chose him because of his intention to depict typical daily life situations, in our perception Hockney delights his art by expressing an honest way of living every time. And that we wanted in our project.

What is your take on the art of collage?

We think that collage can express what you want in an easy and fun way, sometimes deliberately only we focus on our project, tedious and formal, but not for that we must forget the fun part. We use the collage as part of a conceptual, explanatory and funny representation.

 To what extent and how does the decontextualisation of an image help in generating a new one?

In our interpretation, an image at his pure soul, has inside of it one moment and one experience, in architecture an image has the repercussion of one solid idea, for that reason we think that the decontextualisation of many images and photos create not only one idea, in the other hand create transitions between ideas and outcomes.

How do you define your framing and perspectival angle? 

In this project we wanted to create a modern canvas of our building, and the framing has the intends to focus the observer’s view in our project.

Do you see that frame as a limit or as a means for expansion?

As a means for expansion, absolutely!


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