The Sketch_ A Time Full of Instinctive Emotional Density

The Sketch_ A Time Full of Instinctive Emotional Density


Tiziano De Venuto


Through these drawings Tiziano intends to tell his personal suggestions of the Mediterranean landscape of Puglia. Between man and nature there is an inseparable link that brought him in time to live in nature, in the houses carved into rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.

Through the visions depicted in these drawings he does not represent the domestic space built but the elements necessary to build it. He has an incessant need to get back to nature, through an architecture that is built in harmony with nature to frame through the window, the masterpiece that depicts the light every sunset over wheat fields and the sea.





Who influences you graphically?

I have a great interest in the works of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky. I think that their work has a great influence on my person. In the same way I am deeply impressed by the works of Edward Hopper. He, through his architecture and looks facing the unknown, paints the silence, portraying the infinite.

The paintings of Giorgio De Chirico are constantly a great lesson for me, even compared to the thought of the city. Through urban forms he turns his gaze to something undefined or incompletely described.

How does your graphic style reflect this passion for nature? 

It is not easy to answer this question. More than with the forms I try to communicate, above all to myself, the beauty of nature through colors, so light. The colors are the real instrument through which I try to describe, according to my categories, the forms of nature. Sometimes I use some textures that recall an element of nature to which I try to refer, without mentioning his real form. So I can say that it is through the colors that essentially communicate my passion.

Your images are strongly geometric, how does this reflect the way you perceive and see our surrounding environment?

My images are highly geometric. I choose not to represent that which is physically visible through its real forms. Architecture needs to establish a relationship of deep harmony with nature, for this reason I choose to represent the elements through which the architecture I able to think again. In my drawings the sun often has a square shape because I imagine the sunset as filtered through my window. Then the square refers to the shape of the window.

The colors and texture recall the natural element and geometric construction sets, in my mind, the construction of space and relationships with the pure elements of nature.


What is your work process? How do you find the perfect equilibrium between sketch and post production in photoshop?

My compositions describe places really lived. I choose to represent them after some time, so I’m not tied to the real image of a place. This way I can represent clearly the elements of nature and the sensations experienced. I never prepare a preliminary sketch because I believe that my compositions are a form of dialogue and discovery of myself, first of all. For this reason, make a sketch, it would mean losing part of immediacy and emotional power of the moment of remembrance.

The designs, except Mediterranean Inspirations (designed in Photoshop), are all made by hand, through collage and colored pens. I don’t work in post production my drawings, sometimes before I create the texture to be used in the drawings, but if I conceive the design as handmade I realize physically collage as handmade.

How important is the art of sketching for the architect? 

I think it’s very important for the architect, it is perhaps the most important thing.

Unlike other tools of representation, it allows you to express with clarity and directness an idea, to make immediately clear thinking. It is an essential tool to communicate the values of architecture. The sketch is a time full of instinctive emotional density, that is the soul of the project idea.




Through the window
Through the Window
Solar eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Mediterranean inspirations
Mediterranean Inspirations
Friday afternoon in countryside
Friday Afternoon in the Countryside
Live nature
Live Nature


Tiziano De Venuto graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico of Bari in September 2015.

His studies have always been characterized by a constant reference to the culture and architecture of the ancient world, greek and roman. His thesis focused on the study of Pompeii urban evolution of the city and several monuments, particularly the Triangular Forum. The different experiences in the field trial of the ancient monuments, in different areas of the Mediterranean basin, have certainly contributed to the formation of a mature idea of architecture. He is very interested in the study of the shape of the living space. From the shape of the house to the urban space. In January 2015 he made his first solo exhibition of drawings in Bari.


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