A Spatial Journey

A Spatial Journey

Nicholas Stathopoulos


‘A Spatial Journey’ is a sequence of artworks that highlight the power of Architectural Illustration & how the techniques of ‘Form, Space, Light and Dark’ can tell a story.

Monument_Initial Sketch

The series is presented as an imaginative storyboard for a short film, lacking in dialogue. Form, Space, Light and Dark are the techniques used within the series to tell a story that evokes emotion and presents a mood that captivates the viewer without the need for extensive script. Each episode in the series promotes a new angle on the architecture and the space within, confronting the being depicted in the images. Each work dramatically changes in scale, the way light penetrates the room and the darkness in which the shadow sits, depicting a varying degree of emotions within a constantly changing environment.

Monument_01_Nick Stath

Episode 2_Approach_Nick Stath


What lead you to animate your work?

It started as an experiment through my love and interest in film. I had a desire to replicate the emotional connection a film can create with its viewer. I wanted to bring my artwork to life, whether it was though a process video or subtle movements within an image. My desire was not only to incorporate a new set of skills into my work but to try and explore other mediums which can help me realise the potential of each piece. As a graduate of architecture, the buildings and spaces I draw will not be getting built, so my desire was to bring them to life. Animation is helping me experience what these spaces and environments could be like.

Episode 1_Arrive_Nick Stath

What is the power of a moving image compared to one which is static?

The movement allows the work to convey a spatial quality that I believe can be difficult to achieve in one that is static. Coming from an architectural background this is what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of architecture, spatial. The subtly in which I have animated the figure in the image helps the perceive place themselves directly within the spaces and environments depicted. An additional layer of depth is added to the work which opens up more possibilities and paths for the viewers imagination to traverse. A moving image can also develop a relationship with the viewer, engaging with them through anticipation, and waiting for something to happen.

Episode 3_Enter_Nick Stath

How important is the sketch as starting point?

The sketch I use at the beginning of the artwork is a result of many sketches beforehand. I will typically generate 5-10 small thumbnails exploring various compositions of an image in mind. This process allows me to filter through various forms and spatial qualities I am trying to achieve. I will then select the composition I believe to be of the most potential and directly paint over. This sketch helps me stay true to the initial idea.

Episode 4_Beyond_Nick Stath

Where do you see this work taking you?

I see this work  directing me towards a path in concept art and film. I currently practice in an architecture office, however, last year my art opened an opportunity for me to work within a Visual FX studio. My background in architecture provided me with a skill-set and knowledge in design that was of interest to the studio. My passion does lie in architecture and the designing of buildings and environments, however, I believe that architects and students of architecture have an enormous potential in impacting the design of spaces in the film industry, and this is a path I would love to explore and continue to experiment with.

Episode 5_Ascend_Nick Stath


Nicholas Stathopoulos is a Concept Artist & Designer with a background in Architecture.

Upon receiving his Masters in Architecture, Nick has pursued working simultaneously as both Concept Artist and Designer in Architectural practice.

Nick’s work attempts to take his viewers through a journey of the unknown whilst presenting endless possibilities through curiosity. His art tells a story of untold opportunities and evokes emotion through various compositional studies that allow the viewers imagination to traverse.

Nick’s work can be summarised as the exploration of Space, Scale, Composition and Atmosphere.


Episode 6_End_Nick Stath


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