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Make Mistakes

Make Mistakes UNO8A   Project This collection of drawings (2014 – 2017) presents some of our last mistakes. A mistake, in itself, is a departure from what is commonly considered a rule or a habit. It means a detachment that disorients creating a place in which […]

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Parawanowiec Ewelina Wiciak & Barbara Romańska @ 1st year of Master Degree in Architecture, Wrocław University of Science and Technology , Stefan Kuryłowicz Foundation  Project “Parawaning” i.e. using beach windbreakers to shut oneselves off from other holidaymakers on the Baltic Sea has been developing intensively in recent […]

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SOA Ahmed Arhda, Felix Rigollot, Soreasai Nhek, Zaur Huseyn-zada       Project Light and gravity. What an eccentric and yet perfect union, forebears of a young, still growing child, Architecture I. What better manifesto to this growing art than verticality, a thin and infinite line. […]

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